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Esports Events

The sports betting industry is heavily saturated with numerous outcomes and markets that sound appealing to loads of bettors. Sports betting has the largest concentration of events, and with their 22Bet login, bettors can easily access them all. These events have been added by these bookmakers to ensure bettors are always occupied when they visit a bookmaker. Therefore, there is always something to keep you busy and an event to drop some cash in. 

Despite how heavily saturated the sports betting industry is, the insatiable hunger of bettors is still not quenched. The desire for more still lingers, and at the moment their direction has switched towards E sports wagering. It is the new goldmine for tech-savvy bettors, as it combines two things they love. Esports wagering involves placing wagers on competitive sports video games and tournaments.  It is similar to regular betting only difference is that bettors are wagering on individuals controlling game simulations. 

As competitive gaming continues to grow, its impact on the sports betting scene continues to become visible. However, not all bookmakers can offer a larger coverage of these games and their competitors. The ones who do, have an entire section dedicated to offering the numerous Esports events to bettors. Also, wagering on these events could be quite tricky, especially in combat video game titles. The market outcomes available are quite different, which is why you must have an idea about the game title before putting in your money. 

Top Esports Events Available in Online Bookmakers 

 Esports Events

Esports betting is still growing, which is why only a certain percentage of bookmakers offer it. There are a wide range of tournaments and competitions held on a regular basis across various game titles. Some of the top events include: 

FIFA eWorld Cup

This tournament is the Esports equivalent of soccer games. The FIFA eWorld cup is the pinnacle of soccer gaming today. Players compete with one another in online qualifiers and regional tournaments before advancing to the Grand Final. The two finalists then battle it out for the title of champion. Placing wagers on this Esports event is similar to regular sports betting. Therefore, they have similar markets, making it easier for bettors to wager. 

Dota 2

 Esports Events

The Dota 2 event draws in players from all over the globe, who battle it out for the Dota price money. This tournament draws a lot of attention including online betting platforms. Markets and outcomes are created by the bookmaker to allow bettors to partake in the fun from their homes. 

Fortnite World Cup

Games like Fortnite are played on a global level, drawing a lot of interest from spectators on a global level. The Fortnite World Cup is held annually, and bettors who are fans of adventure gaming can place wagers on the numerous competitors.

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